Instant Mix

Instant Mix 001 (Underground Techno)

Welcome to the first “Instant Mix 001“! It starts a collection of DJ sets recorded quickly and spontaneously, bringing the energy and authenticity of a live performance.

Each mix is a unique journey through various musical styles, including Techno, Underground, and more.

The tracks are selected on the spot, with no prior planning, resulting in an almost random and always exciting experience. Perfect for those seeking an authentic and engaging musical experience, ideal for any moment of your day.


1) Trs. – Abstraction
2) Ruhig – Lost In The Instability (Edit Select Remix)
3) Kevin Saunderson & Justin Cholewski – Spicy Mug (Extended Mix) (2019)
4) Nasqueron – Spektre
5) Markantonio & Atroxx – Octave Shift
6) Mathame – Uawok Tong
7) Irregular Synth – System Switched
8) Vatican Shadow – Church of All Images (Regis version)
9) Van der Meer – Allmende
10) OPL – Impurity

I hope you enjoy!